Our Companies

Blackmore Equity Holdings is a holding company created to function as the parent company for all our retail holdings (including Uphill Pursuits and Outpost Sunsport), real estate holdings, and other business acquisitions with a goal of consistent returns well above the S&P 500.

Since 2019, Blackmore Equity Holdings has looked for investment opportunities in conventional markets and niche markets when they make sense and have found consistent business growth and returns despite the headwinds faced during covid and beyond. Where others have seen a decline over the past few years, Blackmore Equity Holdings has found opportunity through time test management principles and unwavering financial discipline.

SONNY+ASH is a design communication agency specializing in 3D computer graphics (CGI) used in design presentations and brand storytelling for products as well as spaces.

Since 2006, leaders in design have partnered with us to authentically represent their design narrative in new and exciting ways. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we’re able to create impactful experiences that enhance communication for our clients worldwide. Our services include Computer Generated Renderings, Film and Animation, 360 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. and, newly launched in 2022, we can provide our clients in-house 3D artists on a daily basis as needed. At SONNY+ASH, we believe that presentation is everything and a visual can be the most effective way to communicate design intent.

Studio Rendering is a boutique 3d rendering firm built specifically to meet the needs of residential interior designers.

The more clear and realistic the images are that designers use to convey their design intent to their clients, the more emotion, excitement and buy-in their clients will exhibit for those designs.
Studio Rendering’s easy-to-use website allows designers to order the perfect renderings they need to showcase their designs to their clients with a minimum of time, effort and cost.